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Bridge Q Systems is a one-stop shop for IT services, Third party testing services, Recruitment services & Training services. Bridge Q concentrates on its vision of building up strong customer and business partnerships. To this end, Bridge Q offers unmatched flexibility with its custom-built solutions. Bridge Q.

Took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic remaining. 


Quality is the sole cornerstone around which the success of Bridge Q Systems has been built, and having been conceived in 2001 has reached an exalted state of professional glory in the IT sector. Being a training powerhouse on varied IT Technologies and related Consultancy services Bridge Q is also well known for Software Testing as an Independent Verification and Validation agency. Bridge Q is now a firmly established IT hub which has till date trained well over 120,000 individuals and caters to over 120 clients across the globe.

Bridge Q has the ability to attract exceptional talent, and professes a effective approach in retention of staff by implementing a strong people philosophy. It’s about identifying the right person for the particular project, ensuring satisfaction of our staff and clients.

Bridge Q´s services encompass a full lifecycle solution for most business recruitment needs. Bridge Q provides the right people, with the knowledge of spotting them, attracting them and matching them to client specifications and culture so that they stay long term.

Though priced for the small business we deliver yet the quality expected by our large corporate customers.


Our core objective is to progress exponentially with focus on quality deliveries, spread across key IT cities thus gaining wide recognition as one of the most competent entities in the field and to aim at being a public trading company listed on major bourses.. Bridge Q Systems – Quality Statement – Business Philosophy

We are here for the long run and continue to grow our business by exploiting our competitive edge achieved through unwavering focus and the can-do spirit of our people

We have a shared philosophy, a system of beliefs that is applied daily and ensures our cohesion and forward momentum.

It emphasizes that

Our customers are people, not faceless entities .

We constantly measure and improve our standards and strive for innovation.

We exercise highest standards of business ethics and corporate governance .

Our instinct for basic fairness underpins all our activities and decision-making .

We firmly believe that only by adhering to these principles will we prosper and play a meaningful role in our chosen line of business.


Located amidst the training hub of Hyderabad, Bridge Q is housed in over 15,000 Sq. Ft. spread over three floors complete with wide and spacious A.C Lecture Halls & Computer Labs, which in turn are equipped with the most update IT equipment and requisite peripherals. A separate SQA Lab with state-of-the-art facilities is provisioned for advanced training on Project Implementation and modeled for undertaking Configuration Management, Performance Monitoring and Remote presentations etc.

Bridge Q’ has branch centres, apart from its head centre, at Hyderabad & Bangalore . List of branches is as below. Each of the branches is fully equipped with AV enabled class rooms & modern computer labs.

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Bridge Q Systems is a one-stop shop for IT services, Third party testing services, Recruitment services & Training services.

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